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+ Bookings (for covid safe numbers)

Anyone will be welcome to attend any of the sessions. Preference will be given to those who have RSVP’ed if the “indoor” Marquee spaces reach capacity.


Big Tent

2pm – Greetings to the Spirit Country (Karl ‘Winda’ Telfer)

2:30pm – Opening Panel  – A fast and furious trip through some ways people are taking action

4pm – Climate Medicine – Explore the climate crisis through a medical lens


5pm – Music (Planet Blue & Bird Detective)

7:30pm – Film Showing: Facing Adversity: Choosing Earth, Choosing Life – Explores the magnitude (and the opportunity) of our growing planetary crisis

Little Tent

2:30 – GetUp – Stand in solidarity with Traditional Owners

3:30pm – Climate Coaching – developing a personal climate action plan with Climate Coaching Practitioners 

4:30pm – The Upcycler Atelier – Bring a garnet along you would love to transform

6:30pm – Citizens Assemblies – How they work and getting them up fast

Hay Bales

2:30pm – Fossil Free SA: The Santos Science Experience: a discussion about Santos ignoring climate science but promoting science careers?




Big Tent

11am – Economic Leverage: Divestment and Sponsorship – Affecting economic systems change by acting together!

12:30pm – Music & Entertainment (Jessie Proverbs with Anna Slynn)

1:30pm – Biodiversity, Climate & Blue Carbon

3:30pm – Effective Climate Conversations – Learn how to talk more effectively about climate change with friends and family

5pm – Music & Entertainment (Courteney Hooper & Noriko Tadano)

7:30pm – Dancing Room – CELEBRATE EARTH

8:30pm – Film Showing: Wild Things –  Follows a new generation of environmental activists that are mobilising against forces more powerful than themselves and saying: enough!

Little Tent

10:30am – The Upcycler Atelier – Bring a garnet along you would love to transform

11:30am – Sustainable Prosperity – We CAN afford climate action: why the Federal deficit is a myth

12:30pm: XDI: The world’s most detailed physical climate risk analysis

1:30pm – Heading for ExtinctionThe climate science and why civil disobedience could make the difference

3pm – Faith-based approaches to climate activism

4pm: Know your ClimateA guided tour from reliable information sources about changes in Australian and global climate

6:00pm – Citizens Assemblies – How they work and getting them up fast

Hay Bales

1:30pm Climate Art: Taking our campaigns to a whole new level

3pm – Conscientious Protector Training – Understand the why and how of  non-violent participation in civil disobedience


  • One-on-one Climate coaching sessions
  • Parents for Climate Action Art Activity (Climate Twister Game and Frog Masks)
  • Poster making/block printing, badge-making
  • Nia Dancing 3pm on the lawn
  • Red Rebels Performance
  • Food Trucks, loads of stalls and conversations


Big Tent

11am – Loss & Grief: An Indigenous Perspective – Heal humanity and we will heal Mother Earth.

12:30pm – Music & Entertainment (Apocalyptic Breakdown)

1:30pm – Just Transitions – SA Unions – Australia has no coherent policy. Let’s start a conversation

3pm – Event Wrap-up (Closing circle)

Hay Bales

11:30am – Rise Up Singing – Climate Action Songs – Listen and join in

1pm – Stitch it, Don’t Ditch It




and pace of change to our climate has almost no precedent.


time CO2 was this high in our atmosphere was 2 million years ago when rich forests covered the Antarctic.


deep and sustained change is needed.  To do this, we need everyone: old and young, people of faith, parents, business leaders, politicians, artists, you.

The Latest

report from the world's leading climate scientists is clear: there is still hope.  There is still a narrow path to avoid a climate catastrophe.

It's Not too late..

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We acknowledge and pay respect to the past, present and future
Traditional Custodians and Elders of this nation and the continuation of
cultural, spiritual and educational practices of Aboriginal and Torres
Strait Islander peoples. Sovereignty has never been ceded.